Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Goodbye....old friend

What a weekend!  We were super busy, but it was a lot of fun too! We started off Saturday with a garage sale that never really started because of the rain. Then we headed home and had another family graduation party for Sarah. So proud of that kid! Then, a cycling related thing. I helped my nephew regain some confidence and climb back onto a bike. He is 10 and using "fear" to ride a scooter instead of a bike. I worked with him for 10 minutes and he was riding up and down the sidewalk again. Awesome!!! He even was riding with his Dad on Monday so we got another kids on 2 wheels!!!! Way to go IAN!!!!!

Back to Sunday, this was the day that marked another accomplishment for me. Dan, Jay, and Bill showed up to the Kal-Haven trailhead for a long morning. The plan....ride from Kalamazoo to South Haven....have some food and ride back. The morning was perfect weather and I brought my Defy. Dan hooked me up with some 700x30 CX tires that clear the frame and off we went. The ride over was fairly uneventful. We talked and just cruised all the way to South Haven. 35 miles to the pier and we were at the lighthouse. Rested for a minute and then headed back to the trailhead. Quick rest stop, water bottles filled, and off we went for the journey back.

As expected, Bill drove the pace and Dan held his wheel. Jay and I just rode a decent pace back. We got to Bloomingdale and stopped for a snack. With 16 miles to go.....it was getting hot and I was running out of gas so the break was needed. Then we were off again, huge thanks to Jay for letting me pull his wheel. He would have left me if I couldn't draft....but it was still a struggle. With a few miles to we stopped again. Quick stretch and back on....the miles were adding up...and so was the time....I was ready to be off the bike.

Finally I see the trail head and I reach the truck with 72.9 miles on my Garmin. It was an awesome day, a huge accomplishment. Longest ride of the year, and the first time I have completed that trail. Did see one snake, another huge black one that gave me an adrenaline boost for a while.....but only a minute. Good friends, good ride....sore legs!

Now, for the title. I finally, finally.....got a weight goal. That elusive set of numbers....the 230's. I am there, finally after so many years of trying and failing and giving up and trying again....I am there. But, the journey is not done....and there will another post about it.....but a huge step was taken.....and I am taking those steps in the right direction!

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