Monday, May 14, 2012

Half Century #1

It was a super busy weekend, but it was a lot of fun too. I managed to sneak out Friday evening for a quick 18 mile ride and then have some dinner with Zack. We ate and relaxed the rest of the night. Saturday, up early for soccer at 9. Left soccer to head to dance recital rehearsal with Megan and Sarah. I was helping out Chelle by taking a few group pics because she was in Kalamazoo making me MONEY! haha. Left there and headed home where we loaded up everyone and went to see The Avengers. Great movie, but I need to see it again because I missed some parts. Poor Izzy actually got motion sickness from the 3D. Back home and to bed so I could ride Sunday morning.

Up later than planned and Dan got to my house a little after 7. I planned his birthday ride mileage nearly perfectly. We got on the bikes and headed out towards Lake Michigan. The roads are all pretty amazing around where I live. They don't see much semi-traffic and have hardly any salt deterioration. I knew Dan was wanting to push the pace so I tried as hard as I could to hold on. He would ride ahead and then I would catch up. We did this for quite a while. We were making really good time to the lake, over US31 and we headed south towards South Haven. The route I take turns back towards Pullman and is nearly a straight shot back to my house.

We made the turn away from the lake and found a headwind. I have seen this more and more in recent years where the wind actually blows towards the lake. It slowed us down, but we just kept plugging away at the miles. Thankfully Dan had an extra cliff shot and a gu for me as I was running low on fuel. I popped them and felt a lot better, but my legs were still trying to slow down. Shut up legs......I kept telling myself that. The wind was disagreeing but I plodded along. Finally we were about 7 mile from home and turned to the ugliest road on the ride. Only about a mile, but just nasty with bumps, loose black top, holes, and dips. Got through there safe enough, then took the road towards home. Finished with an average speed right at 17 mph. Without the wind I am sure we would have been closer to 18, but maybe not because of the lack of energy. 52.8 miles for Dan's birthday ride.

I got to thinking yesterday after that ride. How many people do you know that are roughly 60 pounds overweight that will get on a bike and ride that far? How many overweight people do you know that gripe about their weight yet never get off their ass to do anything about it? I got tired of complaining. Instead, I started a different kind of diet (replacement shakes) that had yielded a 7 pound weight loss in 2 weeks. I am about to break into the unfamiliar 230's and see what this range of weight has to offer. Take that step. Get off your ass and walk around the block. Ride around the block. Find motivators. Find a training buddy. Just move your ass......or quit bitching.

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