Thursday, May 31, 2012


This past few weeks has been crazy. Looking ahead, I am not sure when it will slow down. From dance recitals to graduation parties and to-do lists our schedule is jam packed as usual...and I like it that way. Keeping busy keeps me from sitting on my ass and packing pounds back on. I do have to be careful though, because being on the run means more fast food as well. Thankfully Subway type food is everywhere that FatDonalds and Fat King are located. So....keeping in check....weight needs to continue to fall off.

Just a few things going on in the near future. First.....Custer's Revenge, which has been renamed from the Custer TT this year. Two years ago this was the first place I got a medal, and now I would love to say the same for Sport. I guess we will see what happens, but with the base miles I have been putting in I should do way better than last year as far as time am lighter on the pedals! The day before this race I have my Niece/oldest daughters' graduation I need to be careful what I eat! Big day for her! Celebration!

The week after that is really going to be fun. I have a day to spend with my kids and hopefully my Dad on Father's day and I turn a year older as well. Then, my beautiful wife and I will be flying to the Dominican Republic for a few days! (did I mention it was for free?) When we get back we go to a wedding on Saturday. Then, back on the bike to burn off the vacation calories at the Allegrina 100. This week will be fun!

After that, and whatever else we find to do. July has me slated for the Boyne Marathon and the Holland 100. Come on out and join us....I will be racking up the miles....and hopefully losing some weight.

One side note that cannot be lost in all of this: My son had a friend over and he was talking about doing a triathlon. He asked if he could borrow a bike and said that he misses riding. Right away my son perked up. After some discussion I asked my son if he would be more interested in riding if he had a friend going along and his response was an enthusastic "YES". So, hopefully I can get him riding more and loan his friend my old bike to ride. I would love to get these boys riding/racing and start up a MiSCA club or have a team at their school. How cool would that be!

Anyway, keep the rubber side down!

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