Monday, August 27, 2012

2nd Annual Remember Big Timmy Ride

The second edition of this event is finally in the books. It took 3 reschedules and some shuffling of other things to make it happen...but it did! This ride is to remember my beautiful niece's father that passed away two years ago. He was my wife's brother and the guy that got me started riding. Click here or here or even here(here first) for some history ;)

It was perfect weather. I got up early and loaded the cooler and had the truck ready to go for Chelle and the girls. Zack and I loaded our bikes on the VW and off we went. We got to Fort Custer right at 9am. Dan, Lisa, and Jay were waiting at Eagle Lake. J.J. was on his way. We geared up and off we went to pick up Ron and Barb at the trailhead. J.J. got there and off we went.

The trail was perfect. Fast and hard packed. We rode the red loop first, but Zack and I cut off part of the Amusement park because he had racked his hand and it was hurting. We got back and everyone else was just pulling in too. First lap done. Fun lap.

Second lap, Zack and Barb rode together as we went down the green. I knew this pace would be quicker, and I was disappointed when I bent a pedal axle before the switchback climb. Not sure what I hit, but it is bent....dangit. Anyway, we rode together and would wait for everyone to regroup. Ron and I stopped at the boat launch to wait for Barb and Zack and the rest went onward. Once we directed Barb and Zack which way to go Ron and I headed out to finish up the Green loop. It was a lot of fun. I was riding pretty hard because I knew the others were waiting by the car and I wanted to say goodbye to all of them.

We got back and headed to the water. The family came and we had an awesome afternoon of swimming and grilling. Thanks to everyone for coming out and helping us remember our Brother!

(on a side note....last year when Dan asked me about Tim a butterfly landed on me. It then landed on my helmet and hung out until we left. Yesterday, a butterfly landed on Jeff's jersey and just kinda hung around for a while. In my opinion.....and you believe what you want....but we think this was no coincidence. Thanks for coming Tim, we miss ya brother.)

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