Thursday, August 9, 2012

Look me in the eyes

It was hard, but I was finally was able to look into your eyes. I was finding it difficult to catch your attention....or even to get you to look up from the ground. When you walk you stare at the ground ahead of you, refusing to raise your head with any resemblance of confidence. How have you been? I know you were doing very well. You had your weight headed in the right direction. You were riding faster than I have ever seen you ride. You were finding confidence with every pedal stroke you took. You were driving the pace on the Tuesday night rides. You were able to ride two centuries in the past two months. But then you changed......and I am here to tell you that I don't like what I see.

You went from making the right choices to making poor choices. When you would choose a water, you are choosing a pop. Granola bars gave way to snickers and m&m's. Single plates of dinner turned into second helpings. You stopped caring about the food and I saw you falling back into your old habits. Maybe you are comfortable heavier......but I know you are not happier.

I saw you improve dramatically when you focused on your training even just a little. I watched as you hit a goal weight that you have been chasing forever. I saw you walk with your head held high. I watched you participate in a race and complete two laps at a faster pace than you ever imagined. You were on track. Eating healthy. Exercising. Portions small. Avoiding fast food. No pop. Making the tough be healthier. No brownies, ice cream, ect.

So what happened? Stress? Life? Laziness? Comfort? Sure, I know you can be stressed out...but that is why you ride those bikes my friend. Blow that crap out....leave it on the trail or on the road. Let it melt away. Put the damn brownie down. Leave the pop in the cooler...drink a water instead. I know you can do were doing so good before. I think it is easy to be lazy. Easy to eat three times as much as you need. Easy to pack on the pounds. Don't you remember how you felt when you hit your last goal weight? You felt amazing I am sure. Confident. Skinny even. Sure, I am sure that losing weight has negative side affects a lower blood pressure and pants that fit baggy. Sounds awful. I am sure you are more comfortable stuffing yourself into your jeans and cinching up your belt. Be Merry. If Santa kicks the bucket you can take his place.....won't even need to alter the suit. true to yourself dude. You know what you have to do. It is more than the bike. You don't ride enough to eat whatever you want. It doesn't work that way. You have to make the choice.....time after time. Dont let one bad choice derail you completely. Stay on target. If you have a bad day....forget it and make the next day a good day. When I see you I want you to look me in the eye with confidence. I want to see you reach your goals. I want to see you happy. I want to see you out on the trail kicking ass. I want to see you finishing centuries. I want to see you....period. It is that simple.......

Remember this....when you look in the mirror tomorrow morning......

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  1. Recognizing your challenges is usually the hardest part... Keep On Keepin' On, Brother!