Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Luton Park

This past Sunday a group headed up to Luton Park for a few laps. What an awesome trail. The plan was to ride around 9am and then head to a pool for a dip. My buddy Don from the east side of the state was over so we loaded up the bikes and headed up. We were one bike heavy because I talked a co-worker into joining us for a lap.

When we got there temps were still in the 60's. It was Don, Lisa, Dan S., Andy, Brian, Mike G., Jeff, one other person I don't know and myself getting ready. Then I saw my co-worker. We geared up and headed out. The plan was to ride a cruising lap and then a faster second lap.

Jeff led the way as this is his home course. Luton is interesting because it is a main loop with spur loops going off of it. If you want to ride short, you cut left and take the inner loop. Want the full 9 miles, hang a right at each signed intersection and you get the full trail. We took the full trail and it was a total blast. I have not ridden here in over two years. One because of location, and two....I didn't realize the WMMBA had such a nice 9 mile trail up there. It has a little bit of everything and our group looked like a snake going through the woods. I had two different people ask me where we were from....apparently they never see bigger groups riding out there...and there were 10 of us...so I am sure it was a shock.

My co-worker did awesome. He had not really ridden in years, and that was BMX and just around the neighborhood back then. He was not afraid to attack anything. He jumped into the line and just followed along. Even the stuff that was harder he just rode like he had been riding forever. He did really good until about 7 miles...and he hit a wall. He asked "how much further" and we gently told him a few more miles. We got back and regrouped for the second lap. My co-worker headed home, he was worn out...but he did awesome and I am hoping to keep him moving towards buying a bike and riding with us more.

Second lap was Dan, Lisa, Andy, Jeff, Brian and I. The pace was much quicker and the speed only added to the fun of this trail. Jeff was not feeling well so he peeled off, and then we lost Andy too. So the four of us were chugging through the woods and trying to keep up with Dan. Brian was ahead of me and Lisa was right behind me. Brian made a minor mistake and I shot past him and tried to catch Dan....which didn't happen. All in all we rode 18 miles of trail that was new to me...and new to a few of the others as well.

We jumped in the pool for a bit and headed home. Great day on the bike with some great friends. Lets do it again soon!

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