Friday, August 10, 2012

Robin Hood

I saw a picture on the interwebs about an hour ago. It was a huge bag of money in various denominations with rubber bands around them. Some were rolls and some were just folded. It looked like a lot of money. The question being posted was whether or not you would return said money....if you were to find it somewhere. It got me thinking about what I would do.....and here is my take on the situation....kinda.....

If I were to win the lottery....I would be come Robin Hood.

Now...this is not the Robin Hood that robbed from the rich and gave to the is simply my take on the fairy tale.....because that is exactly what Robin Hood was and is....a fairy tale. Shit like that just doesn't happen.......

Say I win 150 million dollars in the lottery. I might bring home around 100 million before its all said and done after taxes. I would first and foremost give a chunk of change to each of my family members.....making sure that they are taken care of and that my children, along with my nieces and nephews, have college paid for in full with a car to drive too. So...the next step is simply to blow some money....on stuff. Bikes, campers, cars, house, vacations...ect. I really blowing money.....or am I a twisted Robin Hood?

Technically....the money from the lottery is not stolen from people....but rather donated to my cause. People across the United States have donated to this fund and it is my duty to put that money to good use. stuff is on the list....but lets think about how this can be good....for the economy. If I have 100k to spend on bikes....that money is going to Custer Cyclery. In turn, the money made here will go to bills, gas, food, ect. Whatever money was used to purchase my bike stuff will to go the companies such as Giant, Niner, Mavic, Stans, or whoever else sells the stuff that I buy. These companies make more money and are paying their employees. The employees are then buying more products in their local markets spurring a national economy boost.......I am Robin Hood.

Now....all I need to do is win the lottery.....hmm....

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