Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update....lots going on...

I will start with the weekend....and go from there.

Saturday: Tried to drag my son out of bed around 8am, but he was not feeling well. I loaded up my bike and headed to Zeeland to help the WMMBA with a trail day. This park, Upper Macatawa Natural Area, is roughly 600 acres and was opened up to mountain biking last year. All the hoops were jumped through and the WMMBA was able to start cutting trail. The terrain out here is very interesting. Lots of valleys....which means a hill or two. Perfect! All the terrain around this park seems to be perfectly flat....so it is interesting that there are valleys. I worked until about 1pm cutting in trail and getting to know some people that will be riding there as well. In total there is about 1.5 miles of fresh trail in there....with plans for a lot more. I am really excited about this trail because it is so close to where I work....10 minutes....and then only 30 minutes from home.

Sunday: Up early again but this time just to ride. I met Dan S. and we headed up to Rockford to ride the two trails there.....Merrell and Luton. When we got to the parking lot there was only one car there...and it was a runner that had just finished his run. We talked for a bit and then headed out for our loop. The trail is very fun. It has a little bit of everything....rocks....roots....berms....hills.....everything. So, we did a loop there and headed a few miles down the road to Luton Park. Given the choice I would ride Luton over Merrell. This trail has a very wide variety of terrain as well. No huge hills, but they do just keep getting a bit tougher on each loop. Then a few short steep hills and you are done. Total distance was about 15 miles for the two trails. All I realized is that the engine of my bike needs some work. It was a fun ride with beautiful weather.

Monday: I stated last Friday that I was going to start watching what I eat again on Monday. At work, I made a statement about being hungry and wanting to get something to eat and a guy I have worked with for a week called me out and threw it in my face. HA. Just what I needed to wake me up! I have done a little better....but starting is the hardest part.

On topic but off subject a little: I am amazed at how terrible I feel. I have been fueling myself with garbage and it shows. I am suffering the side effects of eating terrible food. I don't sleep well. My skin is very dry. I am exhausted. My allergies are firing. I get winded walking up a flight of stairs. I know what I need to do. I am going to do it. I just cannot believe how much of a difference 20 pounds makes. I also know why I was such a jerk for so long.....because I am much happier when I am healthier. Lets do it.

P.S. I am thinking I will get up early Thanksgiving morning and go ride the new trail. Even if it is only 1.5 miles....a few laps will be fun.

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