Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Weight Update

Ok.....this past week was Thanksgiving. Not a valid excuse to be a glutton, but an easy one to use. I did okay on Thanksgiving day by only eating one time. Way better than eating one time.....from 8am to 10pm like I have done in years past. I knew I had to step on the scale today and see what the damage was going to that helped keep me in check.

I was 260 this morning...a full pound down from where I was last Monday. Not good....but a step in the right direction is not a bad thing either. I managed to ride a few times last week and will be on the trainer this week. Cold air and early darkness are valid reasons to sit and torture myself on the sit-n-spin.

Every Monday I am going to start to post about my previous week...a recap so to speak...and will also write about what my weight is and what my goal will be for the week. it goes.....

My goal for this week is to ride at least 4 hours. I would like to lose 3 pounds as well. Gotta chip away at the weight every week and I am geared up for it. I also want to do some type of core workout at least 3 days this week as well. Gotta get my core stronger so I can climb some hills....

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Lets make it a good week!

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