Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fort Custer ride

It was last weekend but I did manage to get out and ride. I missed the Turkey burner ride but after a stressful Friday I had to get out and ride on Saturday. Dan S. was there when I got there and rode with me for a few minutes before heading to the shop.

First ride in a while....but I was feeling alright. I knew it was going to be a slow ride and I was already prepared mentally for it. Temps were in the high 20's when I started. It is amazing to me how different the trails look with a little bit of snow and no leaves. The trails were frozen and felt good to be riding. I rode the entire red loop and then headed out on the red again. I was going to hit the Blue but missed a turn and went back to the red. I then headed down the green backwards.

This is what makes me smile about riding my bike. I know the green trail very well but riding it backwards is so much fun. I was keeping my head up and watching for riders riding the "correct" way down the trail. And that is when it happened. I saw a guy I bailed off the trail to the right to get out of his way. He nearly crashed bailing out the other direction...but didn't lose any momentum and he kept going. I hear "wrong way" in a quiet voice so I yelled "WHAT?!?!?!" and he says it louder "wrong way dude". I responded "I know" and muttered some other things under my breath. I gave him room because I was going the wrong way and i appreciate him telling me that I was going the wrong way, but he said it in a way that pissed me off a little. Last year we were riding out there and heard a group of 4 western students talking up ahead of us. As we flew around the corner they all scrambled to get off the trail. We slowed down and I politely told them "you guys are actually going the wrong way, so keep your eyes peeled for riders" and they had no idea they were going the wrong way. It happens. Anyway, the ride was pretty good. I mustered 15 miles and I felt really good.

Now....I am going to start something a little different tomorrow. I am going to post a short blog every day about how my exercise/weight loss/training is going. It will be full disclosure. I have a chip on my shoulder....and have more drive and desire than I have had in a while. That being wasn't enough to get me out in the cold air today. I will hit the trainer tonight.

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