Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas....or happy holidays...whichever you prefer

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays. Doesn't matter to me which one you say....just find some cheer! I did. We had a blast over this past week. It started with a Christmas party Saturday. Lots of good food and fun family. Then Sunday it was a mad scramble as our next party got moved to our house due to a power outage at my in-laws (which was restored yesterday!). We scrambled because our house is always destroyed...hahaha. Then more food and an early night as everyone went their own ways.

Back to work for a day and a half then a prime rib luncheon with my employer. Get home, loud up, head to indiana. Hang out with more awesome family. Head home. Put our santa pants on and get to bed around 2am. Up around 8:30. presents, get to Indiana again...just a different family!!!

Got home around 11 and slept thru my alarm. awesome. There are only 3 of the normal 8 people in the office today so it is super quiet. I hope to sneak out early and enjoy more family time this evening.

So...what did I eat.....well....lots. Too much. After the luncheon we had a full blown dinner. I was miserable until we ate again the next day....after skipping breakfast. Just another learning opportunity...which I put into effect yesterday.....not eating nearly as much. I did have a bowl of white chili around 7 and it was enough to remind me that I was still full.

So...back to the grind.....I have survived the first rush of the holidays and just need to make it past new years day without exploding. Should be good. I am still full from Tuesday.

Going to spin off some calories tonight!

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