Friday, February 21, 2014

Ramping up

Tomorrow will be exactly 4 weeks until Barry Roubaix. 2 Weeks after that is The Lowell 50. And another 2 weeks after that my true season begins with the Yankee Springs Time Trial. So....I am going to work. Been on the trainer a few nights a week. Eating good again this week after a hiatus last week. Feeling pretty good.

So......4 weeks until the first race......6 to the second race.....and 8 until my first A race. I was 248.5 last Sunday. The following is my projected weights for each race.

Barry Roubaix     238.5
Lowell 50            234.5
Yankee Springs    230.5

I would love to be in the 220's by Yankee but I will settle for 2 pounds per week. I am still on track for my goal of sub 200 by the end of the year so as long as I stay on that track....I will take it.

Training has ramped up...more intervals.....more time....more distance. 4 weeks will fly by and I need to be as ready as I can. I still have a goal of 2.5 hours for Barry Roubaix....that is 14.4 mph for that race.....way faster than my fastest time ever. The difference this year......I am already 10 pounds lighter than two years ago.

Lets do it.

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