Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stress eating--containment

Over the years I have realized that I am an emotional eater....

You see, it doesn't really matter. Any emotion, food is the savior. Or should I say WAS the savior. I have learned a lot since starting South Beach. I also have a different determination this year. I am more aware of myself...more aware of what I do...and why I do it. I was able to make it through a stressful day without eating any junk. Even being home with junk in the house I was able to avoid the junk for the weekend. This week has been no different. I gave my 2 week notice on Monday. This created some stress over the weekend and more stress on Monday and into Tuesday. It was rough....for sure. I did have some food that I shouldn't have...but it was very limited.

The point is...I knew I was just wanting candy and ice cream and whatever else I could find because I was stressed....and I recognized it. So instead of eating 2 donuts....I cut one in half and that was it. Done. I could have very easily have let myself eat a full donut....and a bowl of ice cream....and a bag of doritos...but I didn't. I I stopped. 

I am on track. Even did 75 minutes on the trainer last night. Down 16 pounds for the year. Making better choices. Staying focused. Just keep moving forward.

And...with the new job...might be able to get a new bike and maybe a new car!

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