Monday, February 10, 2014

So far....

So far 2014 has been a pretty good year. I have found some determination and have stuck to my diet plan for the first time ever. I am down 21 pounds for the year. I have only ridden 150 miles this year, but my average speed is higher this year than it was at this point last year. Not by much, but I feel stronger. I actually churned out 90 minutes on the trainer last night. It has been a good year. The weight loss is mainly nutrition. My trainer sessions are ramping up now and I am feeling pretty good.

So...21 pounds down. Averaging 3.5 pounds down per week. I am a full 12 pounds lighter than I was at this point last year. My goal for Yankee Springs last year was to be at 240. I am 246 today...and Yankee is a long way away still. If I keep my current pace I will be in the 220's for Barry Roubaix and potentially in the 2 hundred teens for Yankee. My lightest ever. I can't even imagine how much better I will feel when I don't have to drag an extra 50 pounds up the hills of Barry county and Yankee Springs. It is amazing how much better the 21 pounds feel.

So....less than 6 weeks until Barry Roubaix. I really need this snow to start melting so I can get out and ride. Way too much ice on the roads still. I did set my goal pretty steep for BR. A goal of 2.5 hours. That is an average speed of 14.4 mph. Looking back at my training logs I see that my fastest avg speed is only I need to be a full 2 mph faster this year. Well....I am off to a good start....but I have yet to climb a hill on my bike in 2014. I know it will be harder....but I will also have recovery on the downhills....something the trainer does not have.

All I know is this.....I am thankful for my friends...and my support group. You guys know who you are and I can't wait to thank each of you in person!  Keep moving forward!!!!

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