Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lake Effect

As a Southwest Michigan resident I am used to snow. I live in the snow belt, so when the snow falls it can fall for days at a time. We get this lovely thing called "lake effect" and it will snow a ton in short bursts when these so-called "snow bands" set up shop. As of Monday we have gotten around 18" of snow. There was no snow on the ground Saturday and my normal 25 minute drive home turned into an hour. I am from Michigan. It is January. I know this is normal. It just makes me glad that I can torture myself for hours on a stationary trainer. I am just glad that we don't have the cold that Wisconsin has. A friend of mine moved there last year and the windchill was -25 this morning. It was only -4 here and the snow looks nice. They barely had any! ha.
Photo courtesy of Visit Traverse City
 What this weather does do is make me crave another form of riding. There are numerous Fat Bike races going on this year. I do not have a Fat bike. I don't even ride a 29er yet. The bike below is from 616 Bicycle Fabrication. A new company here in my area code. Dan S. just got a few in and he rode his on our ride last Saturday. Sweet looking frame and fat bikes just look cool to begin with. I want but need to upgrade the mountain bike first.
Photo courtesy of 616 Bicycle Fabrication
What is the point? Well, these fat bikes have turned winter from an occasional riding season to a season where people are riding, and racing, year round. I think they are here to stay based on the clubs and races popping up all over the place. Maybe eventually I will own one. Maybe not. I know for sure that I will ride one this year. A guy I ride with has invited me to demo one from the shop where he works. Should be a blast...especially since we have so much snow. But tonight I will spin on the trainer and maybe watch videos of fat bike races.

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