Monday, January 14, 2013

Missed opportunity

Due to poor planning on my part I missed a ride in 50 degree temperatures in January in Michigan. Blech. I should have drug my ass out of bed and gone to ride.....but it never occurred to me until I walked outside that it was a beautiful day. I took the time to find all of my clothes and swap the tires out on my Defy. I even had water bottles ready and a plan of attack for a 70+ mile ride.....with no January. The only problem was that I never thought about my poor son. The reason we were headed to Indiana was for my little sisters baby shower. Poor Zack would have been stuck sitting with 20 women for hours....and I didn't want to do that to him. That brings me back to the first point....that I shoulda just got up and rode in the morning. We didn't get home until after midnight and the window of 50 degree air closed again and we had snow falling by noon. Sure....I could have bundled up and gone for a ride.....but it was Zacks birthday and I had some cake and ice cream to eat.

Not a good week of eating...mainly on Saturday. I did have cake for Zack's birthday but I feel miserable today. Again, no excuses....I just really like food...and until I squash that line of thinking I will be the size I am.

On the way to Indiana we took a very hilly route. The hill below is one that I rode my bike down years ago....I went so fast that I think my bearings were grabbing a bit....which was scary....but damn was it fun! Now...the pic doesn't really do it is only about .6 miles from the intersection to the top...but it is steep. I saw one guy riding up this hill and he was struggling.....I will ride up this hill. I will plan better in the future and my route will take me here....this year....and I will mark it off my list.....
I will conquer this hill some day....

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