Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 is here!

I missed my update on Monday....because it sucked. Holiday parties and the threat of the new year put my weight up to 263 yet again.....for the last time. All I can say is that I am glad the season is over and I can fire up the 2013 goals. A quick highlight of 2012 first....

I managed real close to 2000 miles for the year. Not bad...but well short of my goal. My weight in years past ended in exactly the same place it started. My weight curve is a reverse starts high in January and dips to its lowest (238 this year) and then rises back to the 263 by January. I know how to fix this...and I will this year.

I didn't ride on New Years Day last year....maybe on the trainer...but not with friends and teammates. This year I did. It was a 22 degree start to the ride but I was comfortable. The fat bike brigade had the trail groomed nicely and I mustered 9 miles in the cold snow. The year started off right!

So....looking forward is the Barry Roubaix race in March. Lisa, Jay, Dave, Dan T. and I talked about entering the team competition that Rick came up with. Basically....all the times from our team (in the 36 mile category) will be averaged and we will see where we stand against other teams. I thought that only the top 5 times would be averaged...but Rick explains it below.

What does this mean? I do not want to be the weakest link for starters...and to avoid this....I need to get my ass in gear. I have a good plan of attack and have taken in a lot of information from people a lot faster than me....about their struggles....what to eat.....blah blah blah blah blah. No offense to anyone that has given me information....I am just not going to pass it on right now. Focusing on myself is key this year. I will do the work needed in the next 11 weeks to drop as much weight as I can (whilst staying healthy) and see what happens.

My outlook for 2013 is good. I need to keep the focus that I have now and use sheer determination to get to where I want to be....standing on the podium.....

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