Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Rush

This weekend was fun filled and busy. Started off Saturday by joining a group of teammates and friends to help another teammate move into a new place. I gotta say, when the time comes for me to move these are the people I will call. We were highly effieient in the moving process and made 2 trips with a full u-haul to accomplish the task. We were done by 1pm. When I got home I fixed a leaky toilet valve and changed the ballast in the kitchen light. Then, relaxed and watched movies and played with the kids.

Sunday we headed to a birthday dinner for Zack with my Dad, Gail, Josh, Jenn, McKenna, and our herd. After stuffing good food in and visiting for a few hours we headed home and started to prepare for the week ahead. We were under another winter weather advisory but not really for snow. We got some freezing rain and over 300 schools in our area were closed today. Anyway, I missed my ride on Saturday so I planned for a longer ride on Sunday. After I put the kids in bed I picked a movie and headed to the trainer.

I have been struggling mentally to sit on the trainer for even an hour. I just think I have been getting bored. We have netflix so it is dumb for me to not watch a movie or get into a series this winter. Last night I picked Act of Valor as my movie. I knew I would need something to keep my attention because I was planning on 90 minutes. The schedule called for just a cruise, no intervals. I basically found my cruising speed and watched this movie with my eyes glued to the screen. Very intense. Very real. Very sad. The first hour went by very quick. The next 15 minutes were very quick too. Then my body said "WTF are you doing" and while the last 15 minutes were not hard, they were not as easy as the first 75. I rode 90 minutes at a clip of 16mph. Say what you want about speed and "that isn't very fast" or whatever else you want. It is the end of the first week of training for me and this was just a base mileage ride.

So, for the week I am down 1.25 pounds. Not bad, but I need to put my weekends in check so I can lose more consistently around 2 pounds. I am the lightest I have been in I am heading in the right direction.

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