Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Schedule?

From what I can tell...these races are on my schedule for 2014. I am sure I might skip a few and add some different ones in....but this is the base starting point.

Barry Roubaix (36 mile)
Lowell 50 (34 mile)
Yankee Springs TT (MMBA CPS)
Fort Custer Stampede (MMBA CPS)
Hanson Hills (MMBA CPS)
State Games of MI. (MMBA CPS)
Sweat Shaker (MMBA CPS)
Boyne Challenge (1.5 pts) (MMBA CPS)
Big M Marathon (1.5 pts) (MMBA CPS)
Ore to Shore (not sure on this one yet...but if I make the trip...probably HARDROCK)
Maybury TT (MMBA CPS)
Addison Oaks XC (MMBA CPS)
Lowell 50 (probably 34 mile again...depends on how first race goes)

Tri-Allegan (sprint tri close to home)
Xterra (maybe Yankee...always wanted to try one)

I probably won't do all of the CPS races because they are scattered, but I will do one of the marathon races for sure. Love the test from those damn hills. Like I said before....this is the base....and I am sure it will change. Barry Roubaix for sure....got a bone to pick there...after a DNF last year. Yankee and Custer are like my home courses....so....gotta do good there. It will be an interesting year. 

New attitude can fix a lot of things.

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