Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beer? You know I don't drink beer....

That sentiment changed a little last night. I was invited to go see Nuclear Cowboyz with Dan S. at Van Andel arena. We left plenty early so we could head to Founders to grab some food before the show. The weather here has sucked, but we didn't have any problems making the trek to Grand Rapids. The rest of the night went as follows....

We finally find a table. Founders was packed. We traded our 5 person table for a 2 person table and figured out what we wanted to eat. Dan ordered a Sweet Repute and I ordered an Ice water. Yeah, how out of place do you think I felt with a glass of water at a brewing company? Well, they delivered this to Dan...and he suggested I try it even though I am not a fan of beer. I took a sip......and ordered one.
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This beer is probably the first one I have ever liked. It was delicious...without the normal beer aftertaste. It was so good in fact...that I had 2. Now, I am on a low carb diet right now and should not have been drinking the beer but I did have an amazing salad for dinner....which didn't help the situation. A high alcohol percentage and no bread or heavy meat to soak up the beer left me very relaxed and laughing at everything.

We got there a bit early so we had a few hours to kill. We were people watching and watching some people play pool. Fairly uneventful. I went to get rid of some fluids and when I got back there was a glass of Backwoods there for each of us. I do believe that Dan is a bad influence. HA!

Click here to go to Founders Brewing site

I didn't care for this beer as much...but again...I am far from a beer drinker. This one was still better than any of the other beers I have tried in the past. So....three beers down on a salad and it was time to go to Van Andel.

Seats were awesome. Three rows back and right in the middle. These Nuclear Cowboyz are nuts. back flips, double back flips and all other kinds of crazy shit. It was a cool show. It finished up and we headed home. Looking back I guess I should have bought a bottle of the Sweet Repute.....but maybe next time. I just might be a beer drinker now.

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