Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy weekend....

Saturday was a very busy day. Soccer at 10:30. Home for lunch, then back to the field for more soccer around 2:00. Megan mentioned that she wanted to go ride even after her game. I was thinking about taking her to Fort Custer to ride the trenches and just get a small dose of the trail. We ended up wasting enough time that the opportunity passed. Ron and Barb have a nice .85 mile trail behind their house so we decided to head there. Meg is still getting the hang of her clipless pedals so this is a good spot to work on technique. We did two laps and Megan was done. I am glad that I didn't drive 45 minutes to Custer...even though it would have been fun! Instead we had a 1.75 mile ride about 5 minutes from home. I don't have any reason to ride as I my next race is not until next April. I just want to get out and enjoy what dirt I can before the snow flies.

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