Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This blog is going to be a continuation of my other one. I didn't really like the name of the old one and I wanted a blog which had a unique name and had mountain biking involved in the title. I was given lots of great ideas such as:

Pedal til you're purple!
Riding the Ribbon
POS~Pedaling on Singletrack (this was my one of the best!)

The title I arrived to came to me tonight when I was watching television. I think it will be good to catch the eye of other riders and people who are just curious. To both of my faithful readers, Thanks for following along!

Idea: This blog will be mainly about mountain biking with a mix of weight loss progression thrown in for good measure. It will have cycling related topics generally 98% of the time and other worthless information to rot your brains for the other 2%.

I hope you enjoy!

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