Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cross....but not what you think....

I have never done a cross race. I am not the biggest fan of running. It hurts and I can think of every excuse to not do it. After watching biggest loser for the past 8 seasons it is very obvious that running is a good thing to do. They are always running on the treadmill or running outside. I remember hearing one time that running is the best overall workout for your body. My response was "haha...yeah right". When I run my shins, heels, and knees hurt so I can't do it. But then I see these 400 pound people running and I start thinking. Maybe I can.....what if I did.....and kept at it? Could be good cross training.

So, Monday I decided I was going to do it. My oldest daughter has soccer practice for an hour and there is a 1 mile track around the sports complex. I walked over to the paved path and looked around for a minute. "Don't Do it" kept bouncing around in my mind. I took one step. Then another. And another. Walking. Baby steps right? Well, then I bolted off on a slow shuffling jog. This was it. I was like Forrest Gump.....I WAS RUNNING. lol. What I found out was exactly how bad of shape I am in. I ran as far as my lungs could take it and then I walked. When I got my breath back, which I was clearly outrunning, I started to jog again. When I needed more air I stopped and walked. One lap down.....maybe I will walk another....NO. I started jogging again and made it a bit further this time before I had to walk. I repeated this walking and jogging process for two miles. Overall I think I ran about 1.25 miles and walked the other .75 mile.

My knees do not hurt....but nearly the rest of my body does. Abs, shins, quads, hamstrings, back, etc. I will never run again. I am designed to ride a bike. I can ride, slowly, for long periods of time and not hurt this bad. I love riding my is the main exercise I get. I have my trainer set up already because of time constraints....but I am still getting to the dirt when I can. I do need to lose more weight and need to find something that helps.

Tonight Megan has soccer again. Anyone wanna run?

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