Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear Depression: EAT SH*T

Gas bill, unemployment, house payment, lack of singletrack, daily monotony, water bill, rain, lack of sunshine, ect.

These things all can add up to one very nasty summary: Depression.

I normally get a little down this time of year because the weather is turning colder and I know the opportunity to ride is diminishing. The thought of everything added up with all of my bills and lack of income snowball and turn into me being a jerk about everything. This week I was hoping to ride a day or two and the beautiful days were denied because of lack of babysitter. Oh well....(down down deeper in depression)

BUT!!!!! Thursday I was going to see "Race Across the Sky" and that really made me want to I did. I had Yankee Springs all to my self for a nice fall ride. It was 57 degrees when I got to the trailhead and 46 when I left 1:45 later. It was a good ride with the leaves crunching under my wheels. I was so happy to be riding that I zoned out a bit and missed a corner. Went straight off the trail into the woods.....good thing it was an open area and I have no injuries to speak of. I felt better....instantly. This ride pulled me out of the depression I was sinking into. Thankfully!

Zack, Chris and I went to the movie and now I am super excited about racing next like 6 Anyway.....Depression.....EAT SHIT!

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