Friday, April 30, 2010

April in the books

Clearly someone was watching over us
Zack and I headed out for our pre-race ride at Fort Custer. I feel really bad for him because he doesn't ride a lot and then we make him If he didn't like it, I wouldn't make him do it.
The woods were looking very interesting tonight. It went from view like the picture above to just plain brown ugly woods with a light brown path tucked in.

This picture is from early on the race course, Blue Loop. At this point I knew it was going to be a long ride. Zack was more concerned about the scenery and sounds than actually riding. The trail is in amazing shape. The rain scheduled for tonight will do nothing but help to keep the dust down and firm up the sand. The sand won't matter much because of how many laps will be ridden before we ever get there.

Zack didn't want to ride down this, but I told him to just do it. It is part of the race and he needed to have it under his belt. He nearly crashed because he tried to stop....which if you have ever ridden this section you know it is a bad idea. The fun came later. We took a side step and checked out the 'old and eliminated' creek crossing. After resting for a few we headed back to the blue loop and finished our ride. The last two miles were a fury of pedal strokes and peeking around open corners. Zack saw a 'hot chick' and felt the urge to chase her down. Little did he know that she was my age. It was very interesting to see the surge of testosterone in his body...because he was hauling ASS! And I mean hauling.....13 MPH around the end of blue on flat ground.....which was WAY faster than what we averaged on the entire ride.....LOL. So, we at least had a fun ride and got some good father-son time in.
Now that April is done I need to look at numbers. Final numbers for April are as follows:
Miles: 159.19
Yearly: 866.34
For anyone that cares....I had 17% more mileage in 2010 than I did in 2009. Total Mileage to this point is 91% higher than last year. I did dip in mileage this month, but I had the right kind of riding....DIRT. I barely rode on the road and Fort Custer was my key. If I can keep that up I will do fine next month. I should blow May out of the water because I barely rode after the Stampede. More on that later....
For now. Good luck to all my friends racing this weekend. I am hoping for a good finish in my class and then routing for Zack to do well.

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