Thursday, April 1, 2010

'Fast" is a relative term....

Something strange is happening. I feel like I am pedalling the same speed....but I am covering more distance in less time. I almost made it around the entire red loop at Fort Custer tonight without putting a foot down. I got hung up on one root that stopped me....but other than that I never stopped. I can climb hills....but I still feel slow. I think the major difference is that I don't have to stop and rest at the top of the hills anymore. I can pedal a little slower for a short distance and get my lungs back. I have a mental block that tells me I am slow. After not getting passed again tonight I am beginning to wonder exactly how fast I am. I have a good feeling about the Fort Custer XC that is coming up in May. I know the course well enough and I can ride Custer twice a week until the race day. Yankee is the course that is bothering me.

Will I be 'fast' enough?

Tonight solidified my feelings that my training is definitely helping. I rode 19.28 miles at Fort Custer and averaged 10.38 mph. I have been trying to break into double digits on MPH for a long time. I have been close this year.....and the only other time I have been over 10 is during races. If I can hold over 10 on a ride (that is not a race) I should be able to ride faster than that during a race. Anyway.....I feel good and I am getting faster. Now, if I can lose more weight I will be seriously dangerous.

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