Friday, April 9, 2010

Dropping in the standings....

This week really sucked for weight lost. Not only did I not lose....but I gained. I actually gained everything back that I lost last week. Upon further investigation I realized why I gained it back. There were numerous factors. They are as follows:

1. Easter Sunday. I ate all day.....good food.
2. Easter Candy. I started Saturday night and ended when the candy was gone....on Wednesday.
3. Rain. It makes me hungry.
4. Only ONE bike ride.
5. Deep Dish Pizza

These added together equal a weight gain.

On a positive note....I did two laps at Custer tonight. I wasn't feeling too good on the first loop and my legs were trying to quit on me. I was a little slower than last week, but the temps were about
30 degrees cooler too. I decided to head out for another lap knowing that I could take the road back if my legs gave out on me. I decided to ride the Red loop again but skipped the Amusement park. I did ride the Crazy Beaver loop and the new longer section towards the end and managed to hold my avg speed up. It is amazing to me that I was as fast as I was considering how I felt...but I will take it.
The standings....I am now guaranteed at least 3rd at the Yankee TT because there are only 3 people in my class. I am sure I will have to kick some ass to podium....and I am up for the challenge. 11 days to go.

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