Thursday, April 29, 2010

Put that in your water bottle and SUCK IT!

Well is Thursday night before the Fort Custer Stampede. I had a very good road ride on Monday and a blast of a ride on Wednesday at Custer. The good people from the SWMMBA posted the race route so now I know exactly where I am going. I am pretty confident that I can do well in this race. I have been riding the course (most of it) twice a week for the last month. My times have been getting consistently faster and I am feeling much more comfortable on the Epic. I wonder if maybe I was too tentative last year on the new bike. Now I can manipulate myself and let the bike flow below me. It is a weird feeling to just let off of the brakes and ride my bike....instead of holding on for dear life.

Now....why the title? is just kinda how I feel right now. I should have taken the bike to work with me today and ridden a longer ride, but I didn't. I will take Zack tomorrow for his training ride and I am sure it will be a blast, but I am just kinda ugh. My mileage has taken a huge hit because of soccer, dance, and work. My singletrack mileage has increased because of working by the Fort, but still....I had two awesome months....and now a mediocre month. With my distance tomorrow I will have about 160 for April. Not enough, but better than last year. SO PUT THAT IN YOUR WATER BOTTLE AND SUCK IT. LOL. I am ahead of last year at this point by 90%. Meaning....I have 400 more miles to this point than I did last year.

My plan for Sunday is as follows:

PEDAL HARD, hydrate, smile, pedal hard, hydrate, smile, PEDAL PEDAL PEDAL FAST, hydrate, SMILE!

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  1. No time to read this morning but I love the title. lots.