Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fried nerves....

I started a new job two weeks ago today. I have managed to ride Fort Custer twice a week for those last two weeks...with a great ride last Thursday. Unfortunately, I haven't ridden since. Saturday we were busy and Sunday was Easter. I was going to get up and ride on Sunday but I didn't...now I wish I would have. Last night I had no babysitter and then the forecast had rain until Thursday. Right now I am looking at partially clearing skies....and I have no babysitter. I really really want to ride and its looking like I will be riding in the dark....but that is okay....because I ride faster. Yankee is about 12 days away and I am already getting nervous thinking about it.....just thinking about it?!!? are you kidding? I have a little more riding on my race season this year because I am on a team and I am gunning for a series award. I want to be on the Podium on April 18th. I feel good...but need more miles. I am more confident...but need to lose weight. Good thing is this......I will ride my best and hope that it is good enough. Hopefully I won't worry about how Zack is doing in his first 'real' race and I can just focus on my riding.

12 days.

good news! I might have found a babysitter...gotta go ride!

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