Monday, April 12, 2010

"I think I dislocated my......."

These were the words that my son used yesterday at Yankee Springs. He asked what the body part was called...the proceeded to use it in a sentence. It was as follows:

"I think I dislocated my urethrae"

While trying not to laugh because I could tell he was in pain.....I asked him if that was even possible. It drew a smile from him....thankfully. We were about 3 miles from the end of Yankee Springs and he was completely running out of gas. We had a good ride out there for his first time. He is about as ready as he can be for the TT on Sunday....and he will surely just might take a while. Good thing there are least he will have someone to ride with.

He did a great job for his first time out there. No major crashes and he climbed most of the beginning hills on his bike. When he got tired he started pushing but he kept right on going. He says he is feeling okay today, thankfully! I thought maybe we were going to have to take him in for that dislocated urethrae.....

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