Friday, April 23, 2010

Wait....which way?

So tonight I attempted to ride the Fort Custer Stampede course from last year. I know exactly where the course leaves the Red loop and rejoins the Red loop. What I don't know is where to turn......clearly. I had an idea because I had looked at the map before I started riding, but I turned left instead of right and ended up riding into last years start/finish area backwards. LOL. I turned around and took off again down the Blue loop and then my memory was working better. I felt okay on this loop. I got soaked in the creek crossing and I think I got a mental block because of it. The water was freezing...and unexpectedly deep. I got passed by a woman the the freeway section, which was a surprise to me for a few reasons. One, I haven't been passed by anyone while training and two I haven't been passed by a woman since Jody caught me a few weeks ago. The bonus was staying with her for the next 6 miles. She caught me but then I was motivated enough to chase her and keep her in sight. I filed this experience under 'racing' because now I know how to keep a person close enough to beat them at the end...maybe.

I was not done riding when I finished my non-race route loop. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I headed down the Red loop again. After some thought I decided to turn down the Green loop for some extra hills. Jody keeps telling me to "love the hills grasshopper" so I figured riding in them would be helpful. I only had to put a foot down once....on the long switchback that rises away from the lake on the Green loop. I just didn't quite have enough oompf to get over one of the roots. I continued on and had a good day on the bike.

Total ride distance: 23.63 miles at a 10.7 avg speed.

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  1. Yes, keep 'em in sight. I play that mind game while out for those casual rides all the time. It's never JUST a ride for me. Sad but true. :)