Monday, March 22, 2010

1st dirt of the year

It felt really good to get on the Epic and ride on a ribbon of dirt. It felt even better to show an increase in speed from my fastest time at Yankee Springs last year. Some people don't think that a 2% reduction in time is good....but it is substantial. Along the same lines, a 1% drop in weight per week might not seem like much...but it is over 2 pounds.

Anyway, fast time on a bike with my new fit from Brian at Cross Country Cycle made my quads hurt. I have been riding a lot more this year and have been able to walk with little pain the next day. Saturday I woke up with some obvious 'good' pain in my legs. I know I worked them harder because I was on the dirt....and I loved it.

Yankee was in great shape. There are still a lot of leaves on the trail but as they dry out and the trail is ridden more they will disappear into the surrounding nature. Sand will always be an issue at Yankee but early in the season the sand is still not wanting to come out of hibernation. After the TT in a few weeks the trail will be super sandy, and still a ton of fun.

I figured out that I showed a reduction in time even though I am over 10 pounds heavier than this time last year. Now, I have about a month to drop more weight and keep my mileage up so I can sneak into a podium spot. Yes, I am gunning for the podium at Yankee Springs this year. Here we go...

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