Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I think it is spring....

I start to think that spring is in the air and I get excited. The idea of blasting down singletrack is very appealing after a nearly five month hiatus. I get tingly. I start to imagine Fort Custer. I want to go climb the hills at Yankee Springs. I can feel the cool water from the creek crossing at Cannonsburg SGA..........then......

.....I see a weather forecast like this and I remember why I have a love-hate relationship with spring. I love the warm temperatures and sunshine. I like that the snow is melting making the possibility of riding singletrack that much closer. I get stoked that the singletrack is approaching. But...knowing that the trails are mud....I will settle for a road ride. I will ride on the roads and do my part to not destroy the trails. So....I will settle for roads....and then it rains. I have been riding outside for a week now and I was loving it. The warm air.....the rank smell of the farms....the sunshine....the hills.......the rain?
So....I guess I either suck it up and ride in the rain or I put the bike back on the trainer...because riding indoors is better than not riding at all. On the other hand....my bike does need to be washed......hmmm

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  1. Ouch. That SERIOUSLY hurt when you pulled out the weather map. I was THERE.. on the trails.. bah!