Friday, March 12, 2010

2 good days on a bike

Thursday I decided to take the course less travelled. I plotted a course that included what I thought were two long tough climbs. Apparently I need to learn to do better recon....because there was a third long steep climb right between the two long tough climbs. I cleared the first hill and was planning on recovering until the last when I saw the middle hill looming in the distance. Knowing that there was no easy way around it I just kept spinning. I cleared the second hill and the third starts about 1/4 of the way down the the descent. I turned onto the road where the last major climb was knowing full well there were 6 miles of flat recovery type terrain on the other side. I did have to pause for a minute. Gather my wits and then I continued on. Much to my surprise there was a headwind once I cleared the last hill. So...recovery was a pipe dream unless I slowed down. I still managed 23 miles with a decent average speed. Now the bar is set and I can only get faster.

Today I headed out too. I was looking for a longer ride and I decided on a route that I have tried once before, but it ended when I realized my rim had broken spokes and was very wobbly. This course covers all types of terrain....and surfaces. The surfaces are all road....but they vary from chip and seal to brand new blacktop to gravel covered pavement from the rain. I managed 33.81 miles in just over two hours. Average speed of 15.15 mph.

It was a good couple of days. Now to rest while it rains!

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