Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The first at the Fort

Tuesday was awesome. I started a new job and then headed to Fort Custer for a loop in the sunshine. I took off down the trail and was immediately having fun.....until I tried to power up a climb and my chain slipped......then slipped again......and one last time before I changed into the big ring in front....and the skipping ended. Problem was....I don't ride in the big ring....unless I am on the road. I powered through it...but I was surprised by the difference in cadence and power output. I rode the red loop to where the green and red cross...and took off down the green loop. I never even saw another person on a bike while I was on the green....but I am okay with that. If felt like I had the woods to myself. I pushed until I was back to the parking lot.

The results were average on an awesome trail. enough that I posted a 14% reduction in time over nearly a mile longer in distance.......if that works. Average speed increase was actually nearly 28% faster than my race time last year. Granted...I did have a flat....but I was still held a 20% faster average pace than I did at any time last year at the Fort.

Anyway....race season is coming and I am getting faster while trying to get less heavy....

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  1. Yay for fast! We did the 25k loop on the VASA trails tonight & found that the 29er was a bit more of a burden on my back but overall MUCH faster. I need to learn how to use it... :)