Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An assault on the senseless

So....I am not a huge fan of hills.....well...uphills to be more exact. Gravity and I have had many conversations about this...and well.....I generally lose. order to perhaps sway gravity and make a nice bike ride easier, I can do two things.

1. Lose more weight
2. Train in the hills and get stronger

#2 will help to drive #1. The more I train in the hills the easier they should get right? And, the more I train in the hills the bigger my muscles will get...which in turn will help to burn more fat and help me lose weight.

So why the title? Well...its like this. I live in Allegan and if you have ever been there you know that the only way out of Allegan is up. I do happen to live on top of a hill...but I still need to ride down a hill and then climb back up to get out of town. After a conversation with a riding friend I have started plotting a new course. A hill ride that will likely kill me. I still need to figure out how much elevation gain (or climbing) there will be as well as distance....but my aim is to not remember what my name is by the time I get done with the hills....wish me luck...

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