Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It was cold...

I pulled the Schwinn off of the trainer and headed outside this morning for what was planned to be a 18 mile road ride. Problem was, my lungs cannot take the cold...and it was 22 degrees when I clipped in. I am also still fighting off the rest of a cold that I had a week ago. This combination did not fare well. My legs felt okay, but I was having trouble breathing. I cut my ride short and headed home. I managed 6.25 miles of the trainer.

I didn't feel like this was enough of a workout so I headed out on foot tonight. I need to get this weight off and I know running is an excellent way to shed pounds. I set out for a mile long jaunt. My goal was to not stop running for the entire walking. I made it....but the cold was forcing it's way into my lungs on every step. I plan on riding outside on Thursday because it is supposed to be 40's again. This air might be a little easier on my lungs.

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