Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My mileage slipped a little bit in March...but that is normal for me. I still managed 285.25 miles in March...which is exactly 200 more than last March. The awesome news is that I am over 700 miles for the year already. A huge dent in my last years mileage. Now that I am working by Fort Custer I am able to ride two days a week on dirt. It is only 10 to 17 miles (right now) but dirt is much harder than pavement. If I can ride the dirt two times a week and sneak in a few road rides as well I will be fine in April. The scary thing is that Yankee Springs is only 18 days away. I am feeling pretty good and I can still lose a little weight...but I am on the right track.

Yesterday I had a sweet ride at Fort Custer. The only issue was that they were burning around Eagle Lake. I had to hold my breath for a while on the Green loop...but then it was fine. I cleared all of the hard hills on the Green and almost made the tough climb on the Red (the steep one). I shaved time off my last journey...but it didn't show because I was waiting for a guy I was riding with. I was only 20 seconds slower than last week on the same loop...but I know I stopped for well over 1 minute. So.....40 seconds faster?

I ROCK. Watch out Clydesdales....I am ready.

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